Grade: AWS- ENiFe-CI
● High quality product from “Nikkosteel” from Indonesia.CIN-2 is a high grade special purpose electrode with ferro-nickel alloy core (45%Fe-55%Ni.This electrode is especially for cold welding of cast iron Due to the special character of the coatings, welding can be completed by lower current compared with the conventional electrodes.cutting tools Weld metal can be machined by cutting tools and is not sensitive to cracking. As the weld metal has excellent mechanical properties it is most suitable for cold welding of ductile(nodular cast iron).

● Application:For welding of nodular cast iron, repairing and jointing all kinds of cast iron, Also suitable for underlaying of hardsurfacing. Repairing and joining all kinds of cast iron.

● Available Diameters-Gauge- 12 (2.6 mm)-Gauge- 10(3.2 mm)

● Approvals:ISO 9001 Quality Management System by Lloyd’s Register / ABS(American Bureau of Shipping)

●Instruction for Welding: As a rule, no preheating of postheating is necessary, but the best result is obtained when the parent metal is heated top 100ºC ~ 200ºC before welding

Choose the welding current within the suitable welding current range(Flat).2.6 mm(50-80 Amp) 3.2 mm(70-110 Am